Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka’s Shocking Split After 7 Years Together

After nearly seven years together, the end of Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka’s shocking split after 7 years together has officially arrived. Tanaka himself confirmed the breakup news in a bittersweet Instagram post on December 27th, describing their split as “amicable” and showing gratitude for their “extraordinary” years as a couple.

The announcement came as a surprise to many, considering the pair had weathered ups and downs and stuck together for so long. But as Tanaka implied, their journey has reached its end.

Let’s take a look back at Carey and Tanaka’s romantic relationship timeline, from their early days as dancer and pop diva to their established partnership that spanned most of the last decade.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka's Shocking Split After 7 Years Together

Key Takeaways: Inside Mariah and Bryan’s Relationship and Split

  • Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka first met professionally when he was a dancer on her 2006 tour. They began dating over a decade later in 2016.
  • The new couple faced cheating rumors, brief breakups, and jealousy early on but worked through the turmoil.
  • Tanaka bonded with Carey’s twins and was a constant presence in their lives for years.
  • Work obligations likely strained the relationship, with Tanaka and Carey spending more time apart.
  • Tanaka confirmed their “amicable” split in December 2022 after 7 years as a couple.
  • Both have expressed gratitude for their relationship and are looking ahead to new chapters post-breakup.

From Work Partners to Romance: Carey and Tanaka’s Origin Story

Carey, 53, and Tanaka, 40, first met professionally when Tanaka was hired as a backup dancer for Carey’s 2006 The Adventures of Mimi tour. As creative director and choreographer for the tour, Tanaka worked closely with Carey for months, though their relationship remained strictly business at the time.

Both Carey and Tanaka would go on to have public relationships with other people following the tour. It wasn’t until 2016, following Carey’s very public split from billionaire fiancé James Packer, that dating rumors started swirling around her and Tanaka.

By early 2017, Carey confirmed she was in a relationship with her former dancer but was keeping details private. From the start, the pair seemed to relish their privacy and alone time together, keeping red carpet and social media appearances as a couple to a minimum over the years.

Navigating Public Scrutiny and Brief Breakups

Of course, being Mariah Carey’s boyfriend still came with plenty of public scrutiny for Tanaka. Throughout 2017, the new couple faced allegations of trouble in paradise and even temporary split rumors.

That spring, photos surfaced of what looked like a heated argument between Carey and Tanaka during a night out. Sources claimed the high-profile romance was plagued by “jealousy and fights.” For a short period in April 2017, Carey reportedly called it quits with Tanaka, but they quickly reconciled.

Despite the early relationship turbulence, Tanaka and Carey powered through and stuck together. Even when they kept things more private, Tanaka would occasionally share sweet tributes to Carey on social media during milestones like birthdays and album releases.

In 2020, Tanaka raved about his girlfriend on Instagram in honor of her memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey. “Witnessing you write, record, and create this masterpiece was magical,” he wrote. “You inspire me all the time.

Blending Families: Tanaka’s Bond with Carey’s Kids

Another major part of Carey and Tanaka’s long-term relationship was his close bond with her two children – twins Moroccan and Monroe, 12, who she co-parents with ex-husband Nick Cannon. Tanaka spoke affectionately of the twins in his breakup announcement.

The outpouring of love and support from fans has been a beacon of strength, and I am extremely grateful for the encouragement that continues to uplift me,” he wrote. “Mariah’s dedication to her family and her commitment to her craft have inspired us during our shared journey.

Over the years, Tanaka was often spotted on family outings with Carey and the twins, from casual everyday activities to extravagant vacations. He’d even join Carey at the kids’ school and sports events.

Tanaka seemed fully embraced as part of the family. Back in 2017, a Carey insider told E! News the twins “adore Bryan and he treats them like his own.” The source added, “[He] is amazing with the kids and Mariah loves that.”

The End of the Fairy Tale: What Led to Their Split?

Which makes their recent split all the more perplexing. After over half a decade together and getting through plenty of early struggles, what went wrong for Carey and Tanaka’s happily-ever-after?

It seems the breakup was likely a long time coming, with the stars’ busy schedules and lifestyles preventing the relationship from moving forward. Tanaka spent increasing time away from Carey while she toured or worked on projects. A source told Us Weekly the exes had “been traveling apart for months.

Work obligations likely made keeping the romance alive difficult. As Tanaka reinvested in his own dance and creative career, the source said the pair “have been practically living separate lives.

Absence may have caused Carey and Tanaka’s bond to fray over time. The insider said “the split has been coming for a while,” though the two “have nothing but love and respect for each other.

Tanaka echoed that sentiment in his announcement, writing: “As we navigate these separate journeys, we do so with profound respect and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the invaluable time we’ve shared.”

What’s Next for Carey and Tanaka After Heartbreak?

For now, Carey has remained uncharacteristically silent on the breakup. Her only recent social media posts were about celebrating her Christmas song achievements, though she disabled comments on one post.

A source told Us Weekly that Carey “is devastated,” but will rely on close friends and family, likely including ex-husband Cannon, during this transitional period.

As for Tanaka, he made it clear he’s looking ahead in his announcement. “I eagerly anticipate continuing my journey, knowing my passion for inspiration, dance, and the creative arts will resonate in the unfolding chapters,” he wrote optimistically.

Tanaka also thanked fans for their “outpouring of love and support” and requested privacy as he and Carey move forward post-split.

Only time will tell whether Carey and Tanaka’s paths will cross creatively or platonically down the line, given their intertwined history. But their romantic fairy tale has come to a bittersweet ending. After weathering plenty of storms in the spotlight, the former couple is now navigating a future of pursuing their passions separately.