Jennie Shocked Fans By Dropping Her Own Agency ODD ATELIER

Jennie Shocked Fans By Dropping Her Own Agency ODD ATELIER, as BLACKPINK’s Jennie officially announced the establishment of ODD ATELIER (OA), set to manage her solo activities from 2024. This groundbreaking initiative signifies a thrilling new phase in her career, as she expands her brand beyond her work with BLACKPINK.

Jennie Shocked Fans By Dropping Her Own Agency ODD ATELIER

Jennie Confirms ODD ATELIER Launch

After much speculation, Jennie confirmed reports that she has established her own agency called ODD ATELIER. On December 24, 2023, the BLACKPINK member shared the news herself through an Instagram post. In the announcement post, Jennie shared the official ODD ATELIER logo against a light pink background. She also posted several gorgeous new headshot photos of herself dressed in a black blazer.

Jennie captioned the post: “Hi, this is Jennie. This year was filled with many accomplishments, and I’m so thankful for all the love I’ve received. I’m also excited about what’s to come, as I start my solo journey in 2024 with a company that I have established called OA. Please show lots of love for my new start with OA and of course, BLACKPINK. Thank you.” In both Korean and English, her message expressed gratitude for fans’ love and excitement to begin her solo activities under her new agency ODD ATELIER (OA) next year.

She expressed gratitude for 2023’s accomplishments and excitement to start her “solo journey” in 2024 with ODD ATELIER. Jennie asked fans to “show lots of love” for her new start while still supporting BLACKPINK.

ODD ATELIER Founded by Jennie and Her Mother

ODD ATELIER was co-founded by Jennie and her mother in November 2023. For now, it is dedicated solely to Jennie as the label’s first and only artist so far. The agency’s website has experienced major crashes due to the spike in interest following Jennie’s big announcement.

BLACKPINK Activities Still Under YG Entertainment

Earlier in 2023, Jennie renewed her contract with YG Entertainment for BLACKPINK’s group activities alongside her fellow members Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé. She will continue promoting as a BLACKPINK member under YG while handling solo work through her new company ODD ATELIER. This allows for separation between group projects and Jennie’s own solo endeavors.

Venturing Into Her Solo Musical Identity

Establishing ODD ATELIER gives Jennie control in developing her solo career outside of BLACKPINK’s massive success. The move is pioneering for an active K-pop idol from a major agency like YG. In 2024, fans can expect Jennie to release new music, collabs, fashion content, acting projects, and more through her agency as she builds her identity as a solo artist.

Jennie Takes Charge of Her Career

By launching her own label, Jennie asserts herself as an artist and businesswoman, shaping the direction of her solo career. The move demonstrates her ambition and drive to expand beyond BLACKPINK into new creative territory. Jennie’s influence in the industry is sure to bring major attention to ODD ATELIER’s future projects.

Excitement From Fans

The announcement was met with lots of excitement and support from BLACKPINK’s global fandom. Fans expressed pride in Jennie and eagerness to see this pioneering idol’s solo musical identity developed through her new company while still supporting her BLACKPINK activities.

The Next Chapter for BLACKPINK’s Shining Star

As Jennie embarks on building her solo career, BLACKPINK remains a leading K-pop girl group beloved by millions worldwide. Jennie establishing her own agency marks an exciting, new chapter for the BLACKPINK superstar as she steps into her creative power beyond the group’s success. With her vision and influence, there is no limit to what Jennie can accomplish through ODD ATELIER.