Britney Spears Stuns Fans By Admitting She Will “Never Ever Return to Music”

In a surprising turn of events, pop icon Britney Spears addressed the speculation about her career with a bold statement, “Britney Spears Stuns Fans By Admitting She Will ‘Never Ever Return to Music‘”, effectively confirming that she has no intention of planning a major comeback album or returning to the music industry.

Britney Spears Stuns Fans By Admitting She Will Never Ever Return to Music

In a post on her verified Instagram account this week, the singer dismissed recent reports in the media that she has been working on new music and is turning to random collaborators to create a new album.

Just so we’re clear most of the news is trash!!!” Spears wrote. “They keep saying I’m turning to random people to do a new album … I will never return to the music industry!!!

Spears’ last full studio album was 2016’s Glory, her ninth overall. She has since released occasional singles like 2022’s “Hold Me Closer” with Elton John and 2021’s “Matches” with the Backstreet Boys. But it appears the princess of pop is officially abdicating her throne after decades of hits.

The Ghostwriter

While she may be done performing and recording her own material, Spears maintains she is still dabbling in songwriting. Just from behind the scenes.

The Ghostwriter Britney Spears

When I write, I write for fun or I write for other people!” she explained in her post. “I’ve written over 20 songs for other people the past two years!!! I’m a ghostwriter and I honestly enjoy it that way!!!”

Ghostwriting tracks gives Spears the ability to exercise her creative talents away from the pressures and politics of the music industry. She has likely penned songs for other pop stars and younger artists trying to make their breakthrough.

Spears spent most of her career on the other side of that equation. From 1999 to 2015, she released new albums every 2 to 5 years, cranking out hits like “Oops I Did It Again,” “Toxic,” and “Circus.” But after the underperformance of albums like Britney Jean and Glory, she may feel her sound has gone stale and her era has passed.

Why Spears Is Done With Music Industry

Spears has multiple reasons for abandoning her recording career. The biggest is the traumatic conservatorship imposed by her father Jamie Spears and others from 2008 to 2021.

The strict legal arrangement controlled nearly every aspect of the singer’s life from her finances to medical care. It also heavily involved her career, with conservators approving branding deals and performance residencies that made them money off Spears’ fame.

In her 2022 memoir Things I Should Have Said and social media posts, Spears has been open about the pain and anguish this caused her. She says she was forced to take medications and work long hours against her wishes. The conservatorship “killed my dreams,” she wrote.

So understandably, Spears wants to make a clean break from that oppressive chapter which ruined her love of performing. She may never get on stage as a pop singer again after her messianic rise and tragic fall.

Pushing forward in my music career is not my focus at the moment,” Spears wrote in her book. “I’m just not ready yet.

Fatherhood and Health Struggles

Being a mother to her two teenage sons is Spears’ priority now over kickstarting any comeback. She appears to have retired or semi-retired to focus on raising Sean and Jayden full-time.

It’s time for me not to be someone who other people want me to be or think I should be,” she wrote last year. “I’m just finding myself.

In addition, Spears has said she still deals with physical and mental health struggles stemming from her treatment under the conservatorship. She has described suffering from nerve damage and being unable to walk properly or drive alone.

That may make the demands of recording, promotion, and touring very challenging at this stage. While fans would love more music, Spears’ wellbeing has to come first after her nightmare ordeal.

Disputing Unauthorized Biography Claims

Another purpose of Spears’ Instagram post was to dispute claims made in an unauthorized biography about her. The singer said it was “far from the truth” that her memoir Things I Should Have Said was released last January without her consent.

The controversial book Britney by journalist Babs Gray alleged Spears was not in control of her book deal. It also made claims about Spears’ relationship with her parents and her finances.

But the pop icon clearly wanted to counter the book’s narrative and assert she is in charge of her own story now. That likely includes deciding if and when to create a new album.

Why Spears’ Music Still Matters

Britney Spears Live on Stage

Even if she never records new material, Britney Spears’ music remains iconic decades later. She is undoubtedly one of the most successful pop acts in history.

Spears dominated the late 90s and 2000s with bold, catchy hits that merged bubblegum pop with dance music. She embodied the teen spirit with infectious songs like “Baby One More Time” and “Toxic.”

Spears was also a dynamic performer thanks to her background in dance and choreography. Her music videos and live shows were high-energy spectacles with impressive routines.

Beyond entertainment value, Spears ushered in a new era for how young female artists presented themselves. She took control of her sexuality and public image on her own terms. This influenced everyone from the Pussycat Dolls to Miley Cyrus.

Finally, Spears’ songs have become empowerment anthems. Tracks like “Stronger” perfectly captured her resilience during tough times. So while she may not record again, Spears already gifted the world a treasure trove of timeless pop music.

The Legend Lives On

No matter what she does next, Britney Spears has cemented her status as a pop culture legend. She now deserves to walk away from the industry that took so much from her.

But with over 150 million records sold, Spears has achieved more success by age 40 than most artists manage in a lifetime. She has nothing left to prove and no need to relive trauma.

As heartbreaking as it is for fans, Spears choosing herself and her family over fame would be the healthiest choice. She has more than earned her retirement from making music after the blood, sweat, and tears poured into her iconic career.

Yet as she says, the creative fire still burns, and we may hear Spears’ influence through the songs she pens for today’s voices. And her own empowering music will live on forever in the hearts of loyal fans worldwide. So while Spears may be done with the music industry, the music industry will never be done with Britney Spears.