Katie Couric’s Emotional Journey to Becoming a Grandma

Ellie Monahan’s creative pregnancy reveal at a Taylor Swift concert marked a pivotal moment in Katie Couric’s emotional journey to becoming a grandma, filled with surprise, laughter, and heartwarming family connection.

Veteran journalist Katie Couric is over the moon to announce she’s going to be a grandma! Her eldest daughter, Ellie Monahan, revealed the exciting news in a unique way that involved Taylor Swift and friendship bracelets.

Katie Couric's Emotional Journey to Becoming a Grandma

A Surprise at the Taylor Swift Concert

Couric shared the heartwarming moment on Instagram, revealing how Ellie and her other daughter, Carrie, surprised her before attending a Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert earlier this year. Following the tradition among Swifties of exchanging friendship bracelets, Carrie handed Couric a special one. As Couric tried to decipher the beaded message, she hilariously guessed “brand, Brandy, B, granny...” before finally reading it correctly: “Granny to be.”

The realization dawned on Couric’s face, and her jaw dropped in a priceless moment captured on camera. Ellie confirmed the news, saying, “I’m pregnant,” to which Couric responded with an astonished “You are?” and a surprised laugh.

Excitement and Joy All Around

Couric expressed her overflowing joy in the Instagram caption, writing, “Been dying to tell you! This is what happens when you go to a @taylorswift concert last summer and forget your friendship bracelet and your daughters say, ‘Don’t worry, we made one for you!‘”

She also added a string of “omg“s and “needmy,” conveying her excitement and disbelief. Sharing a previous post from the concert, Couric had praised Taylor Swift’s performance and called it “a once in a lifetime experience I’m so glad I got to share with my girls who each have a PhD in Swiftology.

A Family Filled with Love

Ellie and her husband, Mark Dobrosky, tied the knot in 2021, and Couric penned a heartfelt tribute to her daughter on their wedding day. She reflected on Ellie’s childhood and expressed her happiness for the couple, mentioning her late husband, Jay Monahan, Ellie and Carrie’s father, who passed away in 1998. “Jay would be so proud,” Couric wrote.